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 School Life


Key stage 1(5-10 years old)

In classes 1 to 5, the infants, we build on basic skills and knowledge that the pupils have learnt in kindergraden. we believe that students learn more effectively if they have a positive approach to school and learning. For this reason it is important that there is a nurturing partnership between parents, teachers and students .These years are a time of building on the strengths, interest and experiences of students and giving them a foundation of working both individually and in concert with others .our pupils are given the building blocks of literacy and numeracy.

Alongside this there are the information and communication technology skills to balance an inquiring mind with the capacity for rational thinking. We promote healthy living, ethics and a caring, supportive nature and it is the school’s role to prepare our students for a global world. This facilitates a foundation for their learning and growth, preparing them for the move upwards thought our school. Our children are our most valuable gift and the philosophy of the school supports them as the precious beings that they are.

At this key stage, our students continue to grow through the teaching of more complex academic concepts which ultimately prepares them for middle school. It has been found that during these years our students progress rapidly. At this time greater attention is focused on English and mathematics as these are foundation subjects for the understanding of all others. Such subjects are taught in a way that helps to build and sustain enthusiasm and a greater level of participation is experienced. Students are able to know their place into the world, to understand their history, to experience a diverse culture while tuning their moral compass, as here at Stanford international school we focus on our pupil’s ongoing ethical and personal growth.

At key stage 1, study is supported and empowered, and always monitored so students are getting what they require to become active, responsible and accountable middle school pupils, independent thinking is encouraged and supported by our caring teachers who see their role as guardians. Everything that our teachers do has the sole focus of students achieving their continued growth, academically, physically and socially.

                                           Introducing Cambridge University ESOL

                                   Examination at primary level-YLE (3rd to 5th)

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